Over 70 years of experience in diesel engine parts reconditioning

New life to the used spare parts and savings for your company


MSS Motor Ship Service reconditioning technology is based on over 70-years-long experience being handed over through the generations. Our pride is well established know-how and highly qualified service engineers with practical knowledge. Times change and so do some elements of our technology – apart from traditional welding machines, the plasma cladding and up-to-date material is used. 

What will never change is the main goal: to exceed expectations of our customers and provide them with high quality, reliable products at a reasonably low price and short service time.


The scope of regeneration for 2T engine parts:


The scope of regeneration for 4T engines:


Main range of our propulsion services:

  • CPP and blades reconditioning from bronze Cu3  under class, straightening and welding casted tips for broken blades, cone surface regeneration and adjusting for propeller shaft,
  • bronze and stainless steel hub full reconditioning including radial/axial bearing fitting


For your convenience we are keeping in stock ready-to-go fully overhauled and new spare parts from Wartsila/Sulzer, MAN, MAK, Yanmar,  Pielstick and others. All of them are prepared for long storage and carefully packed for shipment. 

  • Piston crown MAN Hyundai 6S50 MC-C with survey report – 1 pc
  • Piston crown MAN B&W 60 MC with survey report – 3 pcs
  • Piston skirt Mitsui 60 MC – 2 pcs
  • Valve seat MAN 60 MC – 1 pc
  • Piston crown Sulzer ZL 40/48 B without survey report– 4 pcs
  • Piston crown Sulzer ZL 40/48 B with survey report – 1 pc
  • Piston crown Sulzer RTa 62 with survey report – 1 pc
  • Valve spindle MAN 426 – 1 pc
  • Cylinder head Wartsila CW6L 170 – 1 pc

The list is being currently updated so do not hesitate to contact us directly if there is no spares you are interested in. 


Apart from the spare parts recondition, our company provides the service of  mounting and dismounting of parts on the vessel.                We are proud of  our highly experienced engineers ready for worlwide operations.    

In case you need overhauls of CPP, reduction gears, thrusters and/or marine engines, please contact our sister company: LJ Mechanics: or just let us know about your needs or problem – we would be happy to help you. 


Our company located in Poland has now two branches: Gdańsk and Zielona Góra and each of them has different scope of regeneration: 
Gdańsk branch: connecting rods, piston skirt 4T, valve spindle and valve seats 2T/4T, exhaust cages 4T, cylinder heads 4T, cylinder liners 4T, line boring laser measurements for all type 4T.
Zielona Góra branch: piston crown 2T/4T, piston skirt 2T, cylinder covers 2T, cylinder liners 2T/4T.

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